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Significance of Napping in Childhood Learning

Significance of Napping in Childhood Learning

(Part 1 of 2) A new study led by Rebecca Gomez of the University of Arizona revealed something quite interesting about the significance of napping in childhood learning and development. The fact is skipping the usual napping time may actually be detrimental to the development of childhood memory. The research study was about the effects […]

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Personal Development: Learn to be Assertive

by Emma Grey (Life Balance Specialist) It’s our assertiveness that shapes our lives. I had a conversation with someone on the weekend about boundaries, and how we teach people how to treat us.  We both recalled times when we’ve been too passive and have let too much responsibility or commitment flow into our lives, unstopped. […]

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Driving Holidays in Paris

Driving Holidays in Paris

Traveling to France is an amazing experience that can be worth remembering. You get to know new cultures and taste delicious French delicacies. France is a perfect place for a holiday, whether you are looking for a break from the city or you can go relaxing on its magnificent beaches. This country has everything for […]

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