5 Unbelievable Google Products or Services You Might Not Know Existed

February 8, 2020 | Interesting Facts

Google productsGoogle, a tech giant that somehow most of us relies on a daily basis. From a quick question to making shopping lists, there are a lot of things Google can do. But the company is doing this by releasing services and products for people to use, most of which are all free. While we are familiar with some of them, it turns out that there are still a ton of products that Google offers. That’s why we’re compiling these useful Google products and services that you might not know.


Google Sound Search


It can be frustrating to not know the title of the song that is playing on the radio. With the help of Google’s assistant, you won’t have this problem anymore! By simply singing the lyrics or even putting your phone up close to the radio or a speaker. For music enthusiasts, this is a saving grace and a must-have to any android devices.


Google Project Sunroof


While almost sounding random or nonsense, this Google service is a very effective tool you can use to calculate the savings you can get by installing solar-powered panels in your roof. While the industry of solar panel systems is just blooming, the existence of this service would greatly help people who are planning on getting into this kind of thing.


Have a try if you want to have a solar panel system in your house, you wouldn’t know how much you’ll save unless you try!


Google Trends


This service is a flexible tool that is perfect for marketing experts and even for a normal internet user. Basically, Google Trends shows what people around the world are searching for and talking about. This gives you accurate data on what the people are up to in real-time.


Google One Today


Today’s website offers a wide-array for charities and organizations that you can easily browse to your liking. This is a very helpful and effective website for people who are looking to donate. All charities and organizations are also verified and trusted.


Google Goggles


It might sound a bit like a tongue twister, but this service is as easy as it would sound. Google’s Goggles offers a wide database of information available for anyone and can only be accessed with the help of a smartphone and a visual. To use, snap a picture and have the Goggles analyze the image by backtracking through its database. Once done, it will display all relevant information about the image.


Google’s service and product library are very extensive, but its amount buries some of its gems into the ground. We hope that this article sheds you some light.




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