6 Interesting Facts about the Great Pyramids of Giza

January 2, 2020 | Interesting Facts

Pyramid of GizaYou might have known about the Great Pyramids of Giza in a history class or even a book. These towering wonders have been on the surface of the earth for a very long time and it is not shocking for it to have a lot of interesting facts.


  1. The Pyramid building materials


The pyramids are mainly made of limestone and for larger blocks, the Egyptians used granite. The limestones are quarried and gathered from a site nearby while the limestones are from Aswan. Casing stones made of limestones are also originally part of the pyramid’s exterior but sadly, we can’t see them anymore because the materials are worn out. These stone casings are also highly reflected so when the sunlight strikes the casing, it projects a very sharp light. Some Egyptians named the Pyramid “Ikhet”, meaning glorious light.


  1. The Pyramids are aligned with the stars


The Pyramid of Khufu or popularly known as the Great Pyramid along the pyramids Menkaure and Khafre are aligned with the constellation of Orion.


  1. The symbolism of the Pyramids’ location


The pyramids are all located on the west part of the Nile river mainly because it is where the sunset. This location has a symbol and it would greatly be the realm of the dead.


  1. The insides of the Pyramids


At first look, we can already tell that the outside of Egypt is very hot but the inside of the Pyramids doesn’t share the same situation with the outdoors. The temperature inside is a constant 20 C which is the standard or average temperature. There is also a very large coffer inside the Great Pyramid which is according to a lot of experts, it is very difficult to get inside. This spawned their speculation that the coffer was already inside even before the pyramids were built.


  1. The Pyramids’ construction process


The Egyptians used the ball and socket construction method for this amazing structure. It wasn’t that much, but that technique proves that the Egyptians did well when it comes to planning and the overall convenience of the building process.


  1. Wonders of the world


The Pyramids are the only wonders of the world remained. The other structures have either withered away because of time or are destroyed due to several reasons.


The Pyramids of Giza are monstrous beauty that is still baffling a lot of experts and even normal people. Because of its scale and how it was built, it will still remain a wonder for our world.



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