BTS Jungkook Dating Rumor: CCTV Photos of the Singer with a Girl Leaked; Big Hit Entertainment Speaks Up

September 16, 2019 | Top News

jungkook-BTS Jungkook got tied up in a dating rumor. But his management, Big Hit Entertainment recently spoke up denying the issue. Regardless whether there is truth in the rumors, fans voiced their reactions.

On Tuesday, fans of BTS Jungkook were shocked after apparent leaked photos of him circulated the internet. But this photo is not the usual selfies or fan photos of him. Rather, the photos appears as if a male, who some fans believe is BTS Jungkook, has his arms wrapped around a woman who is believed to be his girlfriend.

The photo wasn’t actually that clear to serve as a solid proof that it is really BTS Jungkook. Thus, some believed that it was actually rapper Hash Swan. However, after receiving Instagram DMs about the said photo, the rapper posted a story on Instagram saying that he is not the man in the leaked photo.

Some netizens then discovered another photo from a different day, where BTS Jungkook and the woman in question were seen drinking together. However, a photo also circulated the internet showing that Jungkook and the woman in question were also hanging out with a guy and that their photo was just cropped.

Meanwhile the BTS’ fans had mixed reactions about the rumors. Some fans were disappointed that their bias is already taken as they first believed that the rumors were true. The woman in question also received some hate as the word say that the woman is already married. However, some fans were really happy after hearing the word. They even voiced their support for the singer adding that they respect their idol’s decision. They also wished him happiness in case the rumors were true.

But it turns out, there is no truth in the issue.

As the rumors circulate around the internet, the South Korean singer’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment shuts down the dating rumors. The agency clarified that it is indeed BTS Jungkook but the girl in question is just a friend. Apparently, Jungkook just found out that his friends from a tattoo shop were in also in the in the area while he was in Geoje Island for a vacation. The South Korean singer then met with his friends, hence they were seen together having drinks, according to Big Hit Entertainment. The agency also said that it will take legal actions against the person who leaked the CCTV footage, as well as those who spread the dating rumors.


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