Driving Holiday in France

July 10, 2013 | Travel

People who plan a whole-month Euro-trip usually spend half or even more of it in France. And it’s not so surprising since they have so much to offer in terms of tourism.

Besides the romantic capital Paris, so many also want to get some sun in the French Riviera, see the European capital of culture which is Provence and get a look at the old historic towns in the Loire Valley. Truthfully, the only way you can do this is if you drive yourself around the country.

There are so many France Car Rental (location de voitures) companies for you to choose from. The trouble is which of those will you choose? Here are some tips which may help you choose the best car rental company in France:

International Companies are Comparatively Better

There are probably hundreds of different car rental companies all over France. However, it is still safer for you to choose the well-known names in the business since they have offices in the major cities. This would be more expedient in case you encounter any problems on the way.

But don’t disregard the smaller, local companies completely. This is cheaper, true, but make sure that they have a decent customer service support so that you can get help in case you need it.

Don’t Always Go for Cheap

We all want to save as much money as possible when on a vacation. Just don’t be too much of a cheapskate going for cheap car hire – companies. If they have a very low starting rate, there may be a lot of ‘hidden charges’ which you will only see once you get billed. Cliquer ici pour une location de voiture bon marché

Understand Insurance Policies

A lot of people tend to be so surprised at how car rental rates in Europe are so expensive. But you wouldn’t be so shocked if you know how insurance policies are in this part of the world. Usually, companies add CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) to the flat rate but others may include something else.

Read the Fine Print at All Times

A lot of us sign documents without doing. Well, start doing it when you are getting a rental because this is the only way to see if they don’t ‘cheat’ you.

It is very possible to have an unforgettable vacation without any hassle or coming across so many road blocks if you choose the best car hire company. After all, driving your own vehicle still is the most convenient and comfortable way to get from one French town to the next or travel to its surrounding countries.


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