Facts About the Ark of the Covenant

January 12, 2020 | Interesting Facts

Ark of the CovenantThe Ark of the Covenant is one of the most popular and talked about religious relics of ancient times. You might have known it because a lot of popular movies have already featured it. Its origins and uses are widely known for a long time but a lot of specifics about it are still heavily concealed. Its location is currently unknown but its history and a lot of details about it are still alive and worthy to know.


The ark’s materials and size


The Israelites made the ark because of God’s instructions to Moses. The makers took some woods and carved it into a chest and included a gold plating. The insides of the ark are also said to be covered with gold. The gold made the ark to stand-out and as an added implication that it is something important, something holy. The ark’s importance and its religious purpose are still considered up to this date.


The listed size of the ark according to history is 131cm x 79cm x 79cm. It was a big chest that it wasn’t meant to be carried like a chest in the very first place. History accounts that 4 people are needed in order to lift the relic from one place to another. The ark has staves which are the tool used by the people to carry the ark around.


The ark’s purpose


It was stated that the ark’s sole purpose is to carry the stones in which the 10 commandments are inscribed. The Israelites are said to carry the ark for over 40 years in the desert and later settling down in Shiloh.


Where the Ark is placed


The ark’s resting place when not carried anywhere is inside the tabernacle. It was a tent built especially for the ark that was also instructed by God to build. The place is also only exclusive to high priests and other people aren’t permitted to enter it.


The contents of the Ark


History says that the ark of the covenant’s contents is minimal. This includes the original stone tablets where the 10 commandments are inscribed, a pot that has manna, and the rod of Aaron.


Ark’s Survival


Although the location of the Ark is currently unknown, it is worth mentioning that it has survived a lot of mishaps, even burning. Its first temple was destroyed by the Babylonians and according to some historical claims, the prophet Jerimiah has successfully hidden it somewhere, in a cave.


We might have little to no clue where the true Ark of the Covenant is but historians and archeologists are claiming that it really existed and a lot of evidence further intensifies these claims.




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