First Peanut Allergy Drug Approved By US FDA

February 1, 2020 | Current Events, Top News

peanut allergyAllergies are some of the worst things to have, and they prevent some people from living life to the fullest. While certain allergic reactions do nothing other than irritate the person who has it, there are some allergic reactions that people should not overlook easily. Most of the fatal allergic reactions are those related to food, and that health organizations are working hard to find a remedy for them.


Peanuts is the leading food that most people are allergic to. This bite sized treats are delicious and all, but they are dangerous to a huge portion of the world. As this is the case, many drug manufacturers are working hard to ensure that everyone can enjoy it. Just recently, the US Food and Drugs Administration approved a new peanut allergy drug which can help millions.


Palforzia or drug AR101 is an oral drug that uses oral immunotherapy to help children at least try to get through accidental peanut ingestions. The drug is given tiny by increasing amounts of peanut protein during a six-month period under the supervision of a medical expert. This is to help the patient ease into the food.


After the six-month period, users will need to take a daily dose of Palforzia to help them get through accidental exposure to the peanuts. While it may sound promising, this new drug treatment isn’t a cure and they insist that the risk of a potentially fatal anaphylactic reaction is still possible. Basically, people must still avoid adding peanuts to their diets.


As the most common food allergen in the US, many medical experts are trying hard to desensitize patients from allergic reactions. Many trials have already taken place in the US but this is the first drug to be approved by the FDA. However, the drug is yet to be approved elsewhere but steps are being taken to increase its reach.


The drug itself is only approved for use by patients between 4 and 17 years old. It comes in powder form which is sprinkled on food. As it is still in its early stages, patients are advised to do this under complete medical supervision and they must follow every command without fail.


Peanut allergies are a real battle that millions of people face on a daily basis. It’s good that many medical experts are willing to rise up to the occasion to let people live their lives normally. Hopefully, we find a way to cure the condition in the future.



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