Greenpeace Romania Turns to Witchcraft to Fight Illegal Logging

November 16, 2019 | Current Events, Top News

Greenpeace RomaniaIt’s no longer a secret that the world is taking more damage than it can handle. Aside from heavy CO2 emissions from cars and factories, there are countless other issues that plague the land. Of course, what’s not helping are illegal loggers who continue to ravage forests without regard for the after effects.


With the local government placing minimal efforts to stop it, illegal logging remains rampant in Romania. To continue the battle, Romanian activists are continuing the fight with the help of the supernatural.


A campaign called “Curse for Good” by Greenpeace Romania takes a rather unconventional approach to fighting illegal logging. To help with the cause, the activists employed the help of a self-proclaimed witch named Irina Primavera to cast spells on illegal loggers. “Forests give us energy, strength, and peace,” Irina says. She adds, “to cut down a tree is to cut down a human soul.”


The Curse for Good campaign not only aims to scare off any illegal loggers in Romania, it also aims to put pressure on the nation’s ministry of waters and forests, hence, them becoming a target of the curse as well. Greenpace wants the government body to put more effort in wood tracking and monitoring Romania’s woods.


According to Greenpeace Romania, their work protecting the local forests were not supported by the local authorities. They added that the campaign will hope to force superstitious officials to do actual work to aid the wooded areas. Obviously, they remain enthusiastic that the curse and unconventional campaign will work.


According to recent numbers, around six hectares of wood are lost every hour due to illegal logging in Romania. The after effects of the loss of trees including flash flooding, landslides, and the loss of habitats for animals. Without anyone to stop them, the illegal loggers will be able to cause irreversible damage not only to Romania, but for the rest of the planet as well.


While out of the ordinary, Greenpeace Romania’s approach to stopping illegal logging is actually wise. Considering that there are many superstitious Romanians, the plan could be effective and many are hoping that it will be.


It comes out of desperation as well considering how no help from the government is being given. The campaign is garnering support from the locals as well and hopefully, this proves helpful in forcing those responsible, including government officials to actually do their part in getting the job done.



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