Have You Known These Facts About Easter

March 10, 2020 | Interesting Facts

EasterThe Christian religion recognizes and celebrates Easter for the resurrection of their messiah, Jesus Christ. It is an annual worldwide event that many people participate in, but even how common it is, there is still some information hidden or is considered rare. In this post, we will enumerate some essential facts about the annual Easter.


Easter’s name origin


Easter is related to spring, to the extent that historians and experts claimed the event’s name origin. According to them, the name is inspired by an Anglo-Saxon Goddess names Eostre.


Symbolic egg


Eggs are related to Easter because of its symbolism. According to historical records, people from back then associate eggs to fertility. The Goddess Eostre is also said to have eggs as one of her sacred symbols. This symbolism is always present everywhere in many ways, for instance, on Easter hunt events. The hunt is commonly practiced like a race, for people to find eggs that are decorated relating to the celebration.


Easter candy


Easter candies are typical to exist when the annual event comes near. Particularly to the Americans, it has become their staple product to associate with Easter. Data suggests that Americans are spending an approximate amount of $1.9 billion for these candies annually. 70% of these candies that are purchased are all chocolates of different variants. Candies are mostly molded or shaped into a bunny, another famous symbol for Easter. Halloween and Easter compete for head to head with the most consumed sweets per event annually.


In addition, pretzels have also been associated with Easter back then because of its appearance. It is said that some people back then looks at the twists of Pretzels as arms-crossed, like when someone prays.


Origin of the Easter bunny


The Easter bunny is also an important character and is also associated with eggs. It is mainly because Eostre’s another sacred symbol are hares. However, there are some historical claims of the actual involvement of hares at the event. It was 1680 when the first report about a bunny taking eggs was recorded. According to it, the bunny hides the eggs on a garden; thus, the tradition for the hunt originates.


White House event


There is an annual White House event that has started in 1878 and is called The Easter Egg Roll. It is a tradition that has been passed down, where presidents, along with their families, are supposed to participate in.


Easter is important for many people worldwide, and we hope that these facts helped you learn more about it.




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