How to Find the Right Packaging Design Agency

January 2, 2016 | Useful tips

packagingdesignPackaging design is a highly technical discipline. It is not simple a matter of placing some graphic design on a box. It’s far more complicated that it looks and finding the right packaging design agency to help you make your product leap out off the shelf is not going to be as cut and dry as you probably thinking.
Sure, all you have to do is search online on Google for the words: ‘packaging designers Sydney’, and that will give you enough results to go with. But, the question is; how do you find the best fit for your company, brand and of course; marketing budget.
Following are some golden tips to help companies and businesses of all sizes find the very best FMCG and small business pack designers.

Firstly, they should have a strong portfolio. Have a look at their website and search for previous packaging design jobs they would have done in the past. Have a good look at their work and see if it’s the right style for your company. Perhaps they are too specialized in 1 niche, such as pharmaceutical packaging design and are not prepared to look at moving away from this. They may even be too high end for your particular product. See, it’s all about the right fit. If you are a new business starting out then obviously you are not going to want to work with a high end packaging design studio that is simply going to be far too expensive. This is where you have to find the right fit and make the right choices to begin with.

The next test for the pack agency is to see if they are able to actually do the work within your time period. I know many of the larger design agencies are fully booked with heaps of work on and they might not be able to handle your project. Give them your deadlines and see if they are able to work within these. If not, move on and look else where.

I would also suggest in your hunt for the best packaging design agency to use one that is in your local area. Packaging as I said previously is difficult and will probably need a few face to face meetings. That being said, try to work with an agency in your local city. In our case, Sydney.Why I say this as you probably do not want to keep flying to meetings. This can get costly. Local designers with local knowledge are a better fit,

Let’s tale about budgets now. I know that packaging design with some agencies is their main bread and butter, it’s their core business and they are really good at it. With this, unfortunately comes the price tag. Be prepared for a massive quote is you intend to go with one of the lager pack design houses. If on the other hand you are a small business or for that matter a company that has a reasonable budget but does not want to spend big, like some of the FMCG companies, I recommend looking for a smaller graphic design studio. Why? because they have less over heads and can pass direct savings on to you.

At Hopping Mad Designs I have seen client’s get charged a huge amount of money for the smallest pack job. This is strictly for the big end of town.
In summary I suggest that you search for a reasonable priced graphic and packaging design agency that has a strong previous portfolio of work and who are able to work within your time frame. Shop around, do your home work and make the right choice from the beginning. This will save you heaps of stress and energy as well as money.


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