Interesting Facts about New Zealand

October 15, 2012 | Travel

If there is one country in the world that deserves more attention for its beautiful landscape and opportunities for wild adventures, it is New Zealand.

The country is one of the last places in the entire planet to be populated by humans and this is partly the reason a land mass just about the same size as Great Britain has only about 4.3 million people.

New Zealand’s Maori name is Aotearoa. The majority of the inhabitants are from a British descent but there are a number of indigenous Maori groups and a number of Asians as well. The main languages are English and New Zealand Sign Language. Maori is also becoming a widely spoken language amongst those willing to learn it. So, what is there to see at what could be man’s final frontier?

Starting from the North

You could always visit the popular cities and landmarks. The country is generally divided into Northern and Southern islands. Northern New Zealand is home to the capital city of Wellington, also referred to as the Windy City. You can also find the Parliament building and Mount Victoria in this capital city. If you want to go where the party is, then drop by Auckland, which is roughly the most populated city in the nation.  You’ll also find the War Memorial Museum, the Sky Tower, and the famous Otara Flea Market here.

The One Ring is in the South

If there’s one thing that New Zealand is known for, it is Lord of the Rings. All three movies and the upcoming The Hobbit movies use New Zealand for location shooting. The country is known as, “The Land of the Long White Cloud” in its native, Maori tongue, and this really goes to show with the panoramic vistas that one sees when watching the movies.

There are tours that start from Queenstown and will take tourists on a weeklong adventure to visit all of the locations where the films were shot. People will see where King Theoden gave his speech to the riders of Rohan, where Aragorn and his companions chased the orcs to rescue their friends, and where the majority of the battles took place.

Talking New Zealand

Visitors coming to New Zealand will notice that the English variation is strong enough for it to be classified as a different dialect, known as New Zealand English. Some grammatical differences and colloquial terms make it more similar to British English than American English. Maori is also quite popular and one can use words such as “Haere Mai” which is similar to saying hello, while “Haere Ra” is a farewell salutation.

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