Interesting Facts About Your Skin

December 27, 2019 | Interesting Facts

Woman's backWhen we think about body parts, we mostly think of external contraptions like the heart, brain, liver, and lungs. Oddly enough, the last thing we think of is the one that we can see almost immediately and that is the skin. This part of the body does a lot of things as well and we take a lot of steps to take care of it. Before you begin your extensive skincare routine, it might be time to know a few facts about our outer layer.


It is the largest part of the body

Not surprisingly, the skin is the largest part of the body as it covers our entire being. In total, the skin preoccupies approximately, 1.73 square meters of our body and that includes the scalp on our head.


It is more than just aesthetic value

Many people think that the skin is just for aesthetic value and for protecting our inner organs and muscles. What many don’t know is that the skin plays a vital role in regulating the temperatures within our body. Without it, we’ll most likely die out even if it’s just a weak snowy season.


It regenerates without your knowledge

Almost every part of the body is busy and that includes your skin. Yours will shed dead skin cells on a daily basis. While it might not seem like it’s happening, you are indeed changing every second. Every 28 days, your body will take on a new coat of skin through exfoliation.


It is in dust

Dust is made up of many things including particles of dirt, sand, and more. Did you know that dust is mostly comprised of your dead skin cells? Next time you vacuum dust on the rug or floor, keep in mind that it’s your skin you’re actually cleaning.


It is infested with bacteria

You may not see it now but the truth is that your skin is infested with millions of bacteria and they are multiplying continuously right before your very eyes. That doesn’t mean you are dirty though. There’s no way to remove these bacteria but worry not, some of them are actually good for your body.


Our skin is easily one of the most important parts of the body and we should take care of it without reservations. These eye-opening facts above should at least give you an insight on what your skin is truly worth and why you should take care of it at all costs.


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