Quakes Hit Himalayas and Central America

September 20, 2011 | Natural Disasters, Top News

Himalayan Quake

For the past two days, strong quakes hit the Himalayan region and Guatemala causing deaths, injuries and damage to properties and infrastructure.

September 20:  Earthquakes rocked Guatemala City in Central America with one person confirmed dead and some people reported missing. There were four registered quakes with the largest tremor measuring 5.8 in magnitude.  According to AGN news agency, there were some people and vehicles buried in the rubble and houses damaged due to the series of tremors that hit the capital city.

September 18: An earthquake in 6.9- magnitude struck India, Nepal and Tibet. Thousands of buildings were damaged or destroyed and more than 80 people have been killed. At least 50 people died in Sikkim, India.  Other deaths were also reported in Nepal and the Chinese region of Tibet. According to an Official report, 300 civilians and 22 tourists were rescued near the Indo-Tibetan border.

The series of quakes had isolated some villages in Sikkim and caused power outages and damage to telephone lines. In the mountainous region, the stricken areas were not accessible due landslides caused by the tremor and bad weather. Although heavy monsoon rains have been delaying the authorities in their recovery work, they still continue to engage in their relief and emergency operations.

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