Secrets About Flying that Flight Attendants Don’t Want You to Know

October 21, 2019 | Interesting Facts

FA secretsMany of us love flying. It’s understandable, though, you don’t get to ride planes on a daily basis like how we frequently ride cars, buses, and/or trains whenever we go to the office, school, or whatnot. However, planes keep skeletons on their closet too and sometimes, flight attendants don’t want you to know some of these. But we’re here to reveal them to you. So without further ado, here are some plane secrets that will change the way you see planes.

  1. Dim lights are for evacuation, not for sleep

According to a confession of a flight attendant, dim lights are supposed to help you evacuate just in case you need it upon landing. This is because it helps you adjust your eyes to the darkness. Hence, you will be able to see better once outside the plane.

  1. You can unlock the lavatory from the outside

Plane lavatories usually have a lock mechanism concealed behind the no smoking badge door. But this is just for emergency purposes; no one’s going to use that for some just to play a prank on you.

  1. Blankets are not washed

It’s not much of a surprise if the blanket you asked for wasn’t washed because who has enough time to do the laundry between flights? According to a flight attendant who confessed, they just refold and stuff blankets (and even pillows) back to the storage. Freshly washed blankets are only supplied to the first flights of the day.

  1. Trays are dirty

If your food dropped on the tray, don’t try to eat it anymore as there’s a chance that bacteria has already touched it since according to a flight attendant, he never saw anyone cleaned and sanitized those trays.

  1. Pilots fall asleep while they’re flying

A surveys from the U.K, Norway, and Sweden found that between 43 and 54 percent of pilots admitted to having fall asleep while flying a passenger plane on longer flights. It is true that pilots are assigned to take rest periods while their co-pilot mans the controls. However, many pilots have admitted that they indeed had fallen asleep involuntarily as they man the controls.

  1. Plane water is not safe for drinking

The ports to lavatory and aircraft’s potable water are just within feet from each other and most of the time, only one staff service them at the same time. Hence, there is a huge chance of cross contamination.


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