Significance of Napping in Childhood Learning

October 24, 2014 | Health & Wellness, Interesting Facts

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A new study led by Rebecca Gomez of the University of Arizona revealed something quite interesting about the significance of napping in childhood learning and development. The fact is skipping the usual napping time may actually be detrimental to the development of childhood memory.

The research study was about the effects of sleep in babies and young kids in learning language over time. According to her, sleep assumes a critical role in learning from early development.

So what really happens when a child’s sleep behavior isn’t as normal as it should be? Let’s find out…

Undesirable Sleeping Behavior in Children

Talk about unfavorable sleeping behavior, the most salient signs is poor quality, frequently disrupted and insufficient sleep-wake patterns. In this regard, there are scenarios like night walking, sleeping disorders such as bedwetting, and bedtime resistance. Most of these signs will be outgrown; however, some will actually need behavioral interventions, even surgical and pharmacological solutions.

But understand that undesirable sleeping behaviors are actually common in early childhood years. As a matter of fact, about thirty percent of preschool kids will experience or suffer from it. As mentioned earlier, it can be benign and temporary, which basically means that there’s no intervention required. Nonetheless, it can also lead to more serious sleep disturbance and deprivation that keep on occurring. When serious disturbances are left untreated, they may affect the learning and development patterns of the child, not to mention affecting relationships and social skills.

Additionally, the lack of sleep in children will most likely impair their cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and physical development. For cognitive, we’re talking about language and learning. Behavioral effects meanwhile usually include frequent irritability and hyperactivity. As for emotional effects, there will be adverse effects in self-control as well as negative emotions. Finally, the most obvious side effect of the lack of napping time and sleep deprivation is unhealthy weight, including malnourishment or obesity.

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