Six Body Parts We Can Live Without

November 20, 2019 | Interesting Facts

body parts you can live withoutYou’ve probably heard of the important body parts and organs that we will not live without. But have you heard of the ones we can actually live without? Yes, they exist and here’s a short list of them.


The spleen actually has a function. It has a part that is responsible for storing and recycling red blood cells. It also has another part which is linked to storing white cells and platelets. However, we can all comfortably live without it. While it has a function, it isn’t considered that important because there is liver which plays a role in recycling our red blood cells and their components. We also have lymphoid tissues in the body that help with the immune function of the spleen.


We often hear the colon or the large intestine in our Science class as part of the digestive system. However, just because it is often mentioned in class doesn’t mean you will not survive without it. In fact people with colon cancer often have it removed and they still recover well after the surgery.


Located at the base of the spine, you will find a few extra bones called tailbone or coccyx. This one may be important for other mammals because it helps them balance but when the humans learned to walk the tail became useless and evolution converted it to just some extra bones called coccyx.

Wisdom Teeth

Back in the day, it did serve an important role for our ancestors as it helped them chew the foliage that their diet mostly consisted of. But due to evolution and our diet, these teeth became more of a nuisance than helpful as it can cause crowding within the mouth for some people. These teeth often get impacted and inflamed which can become painful which is why dentists often recommend to have them removed.


This one might be surprising but yes, you read it right, you can still live and eat solid food without your stomach. Doctors can connect your esophagus directly to your small intestine and you will still be fine.


Tonsils work by catching germs that enter the body through our mouth. It also alerts the body to produce white blood cells to fight these germs. However, the tonsils aren’t the only defenders that our body has so even if they are removed, there’s nothing to worry about; they are not a big loss.


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