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Freezing Weather in China and Europe

Freezing Weather in China and Europe

Europe and China has been battling the bitter cold for nearly three months in one of the most extreme cases of winter ever recorded. Hundreds have been reported to have died from the cold while others lost their lives in vehicular accidents and other winter-related cases. In some countries in Europe, icy roads and highways […]

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Interesting Places to Visit During Winter Season

Interesting Places to Visit During Winter Season

Winter Season is much more exciting and fun if you’d go out and discover the beauty of nature on other places in the world. Instead of getting stuck in the four corners of our home during these season, why not enjoy the icy hot adventure and indulge yourself in cool places with the best experience […]

February 13, 2012 1 Comment /

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World’s Most Visited Skiing Sites

World's Most Visited Skiing Sites

Skiing is a thrilling leisure activity during winter season and one of the most popular winter sports in the world.  Aside from being a good form of exercise, it’s also fun. Skiing has already been used as a means of transportation in Scandinavia 4000 years ago.  Alpine skiing, a popular sports in Norway, began as […]

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Life in the Arctic

Life in the Arctic

In the far northernmost part of the earth lay ahead the gigantic ice-covered land located at 66° and 32 minutes north Latitude called the Arctic. Arctic regions include almost the whole part of Canada, United States,  Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greenland, Iceland and the whole Arctic Ocean—the subarctic regions. Among the earth’s ecosystems, Arctic region is […]

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