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Why is Japan’s Population Shrinking

Why is Japan's Population Shrinking

The world felt a sudden thunderclap when one part of the globe’s leading industrialised country unveils a sad truth that will change the future of the nation. Japan may seem to be a tranquil population not until it was revealed that there was a sudden decrease of inhabitants from 128 million down to 87 million. […]

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Interesting Facts about Capsule Hotels

Interesting Facts about Capsule Hotels

Hotels are widely known for all the facilities designed for itinerant gests with amenities for rest and relaxation. It usually consists of numbered rooms for the guest. Food and drinks may also be served from time to time depending on the type of accommodation. Some people who are in a tight budget, and can’t find […]

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Health Benefits of Tea

Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is one of our everyday beverages aside from coffee and hot chocolate. Some love its cooling, slightly astringent flavor served in hot or boiling water while others like it chilled and served with ice. They can be enjoyed in many different ways with six delightful varieties of white, yellow, oolong, black, and post-fermented teas. […]

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Sushi – Popular Japanese Food

Sushi - Popular Japanese Food

Nowadays, Sushi is becoming the most popular of all the Japanese food in the restaurants. In fact, many of us wanted to taste how good sushi as food is even if it did not originate in our country. However, we still do not know how it is being processed and how it affects ones health. […]

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Beautiful Tokyo

Beautiful Tokyo

Relive the experience of feudal Japan with its delightful blend of simplicity and beauty in architecture, sacred shrines, magnificent castles and serene environment. Japan is known for its fabled samurai warriors and mystical ninja clans whose legacy still remains. The Imperial Palace (Edo Castle) is an imposing structure that stands amidst the imperial grounds of […]

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