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Olympic Games 2012 Opens in London

Olympic Games 2012 Opens in London

Queen Elizabeth II  declared open the Games of London in today’s  spectacular opening ceremony which showcased British history, music and literature. “Inspire a generation.” This motto conveys the spirit of the Summer Olympics.  Over 10,000 athletes from 204 countries converged in the historic city of London to rekindle the passion for Olympic glory. The city […]

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Interesting Places to See in London

Interesting Places to See in London

London is ready for the forthcoming Summer Olympics this July 27 – August 12, 2012. This will be London’s third time to host the modern Olympics since 1908 when the country made a historic rise in athletic supremacy winning a total of 146 medals with the US trailing behind winning 47 medals at second place. […]

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Britain Celebrates Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Britain Celebrates Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 60 years on the throne with a river pageant on the famous Thames.  More than 1,000 vessels and about 20,000 people participated in the river procession considered as the biggest event for hundreds of years. Millions of people around the world witnessed the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant which was […]

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World’s Largest Solar Bridge

World’s Largest Solar Bridge

London astounded the world by creating the world’s first and largest solar bridge.  This is one of the preparations that they have made for the 2012 Olympics.  The city has not only participated for a cleaner and greener world by having solutions like this;  it has also  shown the world that it really can be […]

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