Ukraine, Russia Agree to Ceasefire Before 2019 Ends

December 9, 2019 | Current Events, Top News

Ukraine and Russia ceasefireTensions have been rising between countless global powers worldwide. It seems as if conflict and unrest are still present globally but the good thing is that those involved are willing to make small compromises for the sake of innocent civilians. That’s exactly what happened between the rising tensions of two nations at the east side of the world.


Just recently, both Russia and Ukraine made an agreement to implement a cease-fire in the Donbass region of the latter. The settlement occurred after peace talks were held in Paris a few days prior. For the first time ever, the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met to try to put an end on the conflict between the pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian forces in eastern Ukraine.


President Putin positively described the meeting as a process that was going in the right direction but of course, differences would remain still at the Ukrainian-Russian border, he adds. This should not be surprising as the conflict is considered to be one of the worst seen in modern Europe. Since igniting over 5 years ago, the conflict has already taken 13,000 lives and have affected at least 3.9 civilians in the region.


To those that have forgotten, the relations between the two nations began to crumble in early 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea from their borders and then later on supported a pro-Russian uprising in Donbas. Aside from the military conflict, both nations have begun attacking with sanctions for one another.


Aside from calling for a cease-fire, the two nations also made other agreements during their meeting. The nations also spoke about the Minsk agreements which were brokered by France and Germany. Created in 2014, the Minsk agreements were created to form the basis of a path to peace. However, both Russia and Ukraine accused each other of not being able to follow the terms of the agreement.


Lastly, both sides have agreed to let the talks continue in hopes of getting the conflict resolved eventually. Both parties are set to meet again in the 4th month after meeting in December. The next meeting will be about future agreements and security concerns for the local elections in Donbass.


The conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to worry citizens from both nations as the unrest goes on. Hopefully, the cease-fire will be a sign of better things to come in the future or at least in the coming months.


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