Wakanda Listed as USD Free-Trade Partner

December 19, 2019 | Current Events, Top News

Black PantherThe Black Panther is arguably one of the best films in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe and it has certainly earned its place as one of the most iconic films in recent history. While Wakanda itself remains as fictional as ever, it seems like more people want it to become a part of the real world as it was recently listed as a USD Free-Trade Partner


President Donald Trump is trigger happy when it comes to tariffs but even his biggest supporters didn’t see this one coming. The US Department of Agriculture recently removed Wakanda, Black Panther’s fictional home from a list of free-trade partners along with Panama, Peru, and actual countries in the world.


According to a recent explanation from the USDA, the high-tech nation was on the list as it was intended to test a tariff-tracking tool. However, once the tests were completed, those organizing it forgot about removing Wakanda from the said tracking tool. Before being removed, it had already caught the attention of many individuals MCU and non-MCU fans alike.


The minor error was first spotted by Jain Family Institute fellow Francis Tseng. He then shared a screenshot of the list which also included various Wakandan exports such as goats and sheep. Oddly enough, the special herb that gave Black Panther his special abilities wasn’t a part of the list.


Tseng of course, wanted to do a double take and had decided to Google whether or not Wakanda was indeed a real country he said to NBC News. As per the news outlet, Wakanda has been on the USDA Tariff Tracker since June 10. Surprisingly, it took 6 months before people spotted the minor error.


“Over the past few weeks, the Foreign Agricultural Service staff who maintain the Tariff Tracker have been using test files to ensure that the system is running properly. The Wakanda information should have been removed after testing and has now been taken down,” says the agency in a statement.


The USDA however, failed to state why they chose Wakanda as a place holder in the first place.


The USDA is obviously sorry for the mistake but we’re sure that MCU fanboys greatly appreciate the nod to the beloved character. Wakanda may only be a fictional country but its influence can easily be felt today. Hopefully, more US government branches begin to use Wakanda as an example for giggles and to give an ode to every MCU fanboy.



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