10 Facts About Dogs You May Not Know Yet

Facts about dogsThey say that dogs are men’s best friend. But how much do you really know about this “best friend?” Don’t worry, we got your back as we can give you some facts you still don’t know about dogs. Here are some facts about dogs that you might not know yet.

  1. Dogs know what time it is

Dogs probably don’t know the exact time. But they know if it’s morning, noon, or night. This is because, according to studies, they can tell the time, thanks to their sense of smell.

  1. Dogs are as smart as a two-year-old baby

We often see babies go along pretty well with dogs. This special bond between them is probably because they speak the same language. In fact, dogs can understand 250 words and gestures.

  1. They know how to get jealous

A USCD study recently claims that dogs can genuinely get jealous when they see their fur parents display affection towards other creatures. Hence, don’t be surprise if your dog is acting like a b*tch towards other animals; they only probably feel jealous.

  1. Spaying or neutering is important

If you’re still thinking whether you’ll have your dog spayed/neutered, don’t think twice and just do it. This is because it can help them a lot. Spayed or neutered dogs live longer than dogs who are intact.

  1. Dogs can smell your feelings

Dogs really do have a strong sense of smell. They can even smell your feelings. Humans, for instance, perspire when feeling afraid. And dogs can easily able to pick up this change.

  1. Dogs can detect cancer

Cancerous cells release different metabolic waste products compared to the healthy cells in the human body. And since dogs have a strong sense of smell, they can detect this too through a person’s breath. They can also detect other diseases if trained.

  1. There’s a way to ease your dog’s sepanx

If your dog has separation anxiety, you can try to leave some of your clothing, which you’ve already worn, with him. You scent can help ease your dog’s separation anxiety while you’re away.

  1. Dogs curl up in a ball when they sleep

Dogs usually curl up in a ball whenever they sleep. This is because of their instinct to protect their vital organs while they sleep.

  1. Dogs can help you get a date

If you’re single, don’t worry, your dog can help you get a date. In fact, study shows that a man’s chances of getting a girl’s number went from 10% to 33% just by having a dog. This is because many people prefer dating someone who likes pets.

  1. There’s a reason why dogs carefully choose their place to do business

Reports say that when your dog is carefully choosing where to poop, it’s because they prefer to poop in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field.



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