11th Wuhan Coronavirus Case Confirmed in US

US nCov case2020 has been on a rough start. First there was the possibility of a third world war, which was caused by actions from the US. Then we’ve had volcanoes ravaged numerous cities across the world as well. Perhaps, one of the most worrying of all is the current diseases we are experiencing which first originated from Wuhan, China.


The Wuhan Coronavirus or NCoV has reached numerous countries worldwide and its continued spreading is worrying a lot of citizens and health organizations. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, it is the only place in the US that can quickly confirm whether or not a person has the virus.


As of this Monday, the total number of NCoV carriers in the US is 11. The latest of the six new cases were from a San Benito County husband and wife duo who recently returned from Wuhan. Both have since isolated themselves in their home upon their return. To prevent the spread of the disease, those who are showing signs of the virus are immediately requested to self-quarantine.


According to Dr. Martin Fenstersheib, the couple arrived at the San Francisco International Airport on Jan. 24. They were screened upon arrival and were revealed to be asymptomatic. However, one of the critical effects of the disease is that it can show symptoms at a later date upon getting acquired. Hence for visitors to be screened thoroughly, they must first be sent to the CDC in Atlanta.


CDC officials are currently working to expedite their “emergency use authorization” rights for testing. If this gets approved, more parts of the US will be capable of screening for the virus thus making it easier to quarantine those who are infected. It’s worth noting that there are currently thousands affected in China meaning the virus is very easy to spread.


The World Health Organization notes that the disease can be spread through direct contact with those who are infected. It is advised to avoid the Hubei Province where the disease originated. It is also advised for everyone to wear face masks at all times.


The Wuhan Coronavirus is the latest outbreak that’s alarming the world. It is easy to spread and most importantly, it’s a fatal disease. A lot of the world’s best in the field of medicine are not only hoping to find a cure for the disease, but a vaccine for it as well. Hopefully, these two comes quick.


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