Month: August 2014

Interesting Facts Technology

Safety Tips to Avoid Internet Fraud

Internet fraud is type of crime where the perpetrator or wrongdoer develops and practices a scheme that using different elements of the web, the purpose of which is to deprive or rob a person of any interest like property, estate, money, right by a false representation of a matter of fact, through offering misleading information […]

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Things to Expect in your Visit to Vienna

A lot of people say visiting and travelling to Vienna is nothing out of the ordinary – that it is usual and mundane when it comes to European tours. However, it is one of the few places in the world that you go to every year and still you can’t get enough of it. Touted […]

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Guest Post Personal Development

Personal Development: Who Makes it Happen?

by Emma Grey (Life Balance Specialist) On Saturday night, my daughter and I hung out with some friends and ended up watching the classic 80s movie: Working Girl. We giggled through the time-warp hilarity of teased hair, parrot earrings, shoulder pads and dot-matrix printers, and then the film nudged us with a couple of timeless points […]

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