Month: June 2016

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Listeria and Pregnancy: Why Does It Matter

Food safety is one of the many things that pregnant women need to be on guard. There is so much danger that they can cause their unborn child by not being picky of what they eat while the baby bump is growing. One of the serious concerns is listeria. Listeria 101 So, what is listeria? […]

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Experience the Magic of Australia

Australia is one of the most fun-filled country in the world. It has the power to engulf its visitors with its scenic beauty and exotic animals. The country is spread out on the whole continent which is an island. The scenic beauty of Australian beaches is unmatched, throughout the world. The country is bestowed with […]

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Food Vacuum Sealers Do They Live Up To Expectations?

Safely storing your food is important if you intend to maintain it for weeks at a time. vacuum sealers can help you properly store your food. For that matter, when you own a vacuum sealer, you may purchase your food in bulk quantities and store it awhile. Using a vacuum sealer system can also allow […]

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Study Reveal Popular Musicians may be Contributing to the Obesity Epidemic in the US

A study conducted by a researcher at the New York University published in the June 2016 edition of the journal Pediatrics showed that 20 of the music industry’s teen heartthrobs and best-sellers might be contributing to the continued rise of childhood and teenage obesity in the United States today. These modern-day music icons have been […]

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