30 People Killed in an Attack on a Libyan Military Academy

Libya TripoliA health ministry in Libya confirmed that approximately 30 were killed and 33 were wounded because of an attack on a Libyan-based military academy. The Government of National Accord (GNA) which controls Tripoli is currently facing pressure by Khalifa Haftar, a commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA).


This tension between the two parties began since April, and these past few weeks, the conflict is starting to escalate. In fact, Tripoli is experiencing a lot of attacks in different forms and is mostly airstrikes. Other threats have prevented a strike back due to Turkey’s parliament’s vote to support GNA.


The military camp that was targeted is located at Al-hadhba which experienced an aerial assault.


Hamid Bin Omar, GNA’s health minister confirmed that the number of people wounded and killed is increasing. Forensic experts are also not able to count the exact number of casualties according to an ambulance operator. Extracting the bodies is also made difficult because of the continuous airstrikes that are happening in the area.


The foreign ministry of GNA also stated that they will resort to a UN security council meeting because of the opposing party’s action, which according to them is a crime against humanity.


Other supporting countries such as Qatar also said that war crimes and crimes against humanity have been committed. In addition, Ankara which also supports Tripoli also pointed out that international councils must take proper actions before things escalate more. Ankara condemned the action of the opposition and also suggested a ceasefire.


United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) also said that they are against the attack and adding that it may worsen everything that is currently happening in Libya.


According to a spokesperson, GNA forces proceeded for a counter-attack that targeted an air-base in Al-Wattia by using air-strikes which resulted in 4 casualties.


Unfortunately, the death numbers around the Tripoli hotspot has been increasing and is currently at 11, most of which are civilians. Tripoli’s only airport has also been ordered to shut down due to the air attacks that are happening.


U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Friday that continuous foreign military support wouldn’t help with the conflict but would rather worsen the current situation. He has also added that peace might be very hard to achieve when all of this continues to happen. The U.N. secretary also called once again for a ceasefire for both parties which he already did not so long ago.


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