4 Activities to Enjoy in Boracay Islands, Philippines

Boracay PhilippinesThe Philippines boasts Boracay as its premiere summer tourist spot that will surely leave any tourist craving for more. Because of its white sand and hospitable people, Boracay will remain as something unforgettable for anyone who visits the place.


There are so many activities to choose from when in the Islands, and in fact, you’ll definitely find yourself thinking too much of what to do. But worry not, we’re here to help you sort out! We will list down the 5 best activities to do when in Boracay.


Bulabog Beach Kite Surf


Bulabog Beach is known for its strong winds, perfect for a kitesurf session! Even those who are against the idea of hanging out indoors would enjoy the extreme and fun aspect of this activity. The beach is only a kilometer away from the actual white beach so coming here wouldn’t be that much of a problem. The place is also packed with kite surfers almost all day long, so you’ll also have a lot of chances to socialize and maybe even some tricks.


Boracay Zipline


Who would have thought that a zipline is possible on a beach? Well, technically it isn’t on the beach itself, but Boracay hosts a zipline that is quite long, perfect for some lovely shots of sceneries, or even yourself. This activity is perfect for anyone who hates hiking or any activities that require too much physical force exertion. You can effortlessly wield your camera and capture anything you would like!




Now we will go extreme! But not that much. Zorbing is a fun yet unusual activity that you can try in Boracay. It is basically a very huge ball, and you can go inside it and let it roll! The path you will be rolling through by the way is a downslope that would end on a flat surface where an assistant would be waiting for you. This crazy outdoor activity is fun yet extreme at the same time.




Wherever you see, there would be anyone out in the sky who will be parasailing. This activity might look scary at first, but who doesn’t like to experience a bird’s eye view, right? You’ll be pulled at a very high speed that you would eventually forget that the activity is thrilling and soon, you’ll only feel the excitement and enjoyment that the activity brings.


Boracay is one of the Philippines treasures when it comes to tourism, and all these activities are perfect for anyone, even those who don’t like to be outdoors. By mixing fun, excitement, and thrill, Boracay creates a wonderful tourism environment that is open for anyone around the world.



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