4 Must Have Applications for Travelers Who Want to Converse With Foreign Locals

Translator appsTraveling should be easy. You don’t even need to be proficient in every language known to get the best out of your traveling experience.

We offer you some help, using language translators through mobile phones. We list down some of our top picks that will surely help you overcome the language barrier.


With over 350,000 ratings on both Apple and Google’s app market, iTranslate is the best choice for travelers around the world. ITranslate supports more than 100 languages; each of them installed inside the application with more basic phrases that would be helpful when traveling in different countries.

Apple Watch users may also use the application with its dedicated version solely made for the platform.

iTranslate allows its users to install and download more language packs when they avail the pro version of the application.

Google Translate

Google Translate is among the easiest to use of all the translation applications in the market. Google made excellent improvements on their applications for several years. As of the moment, word or sentence translation is available for 108 languages. Using this feature is straight forward so you’ll worry less when you’re traveling.

A total of 59 languages are also available for people who would like to use the application in offline mode. 95 languages are also supported on its handwriting translation feature. Camera translation is available as well for 90 language.

Google Translate is the best pick for its user-friendly and straightforward design.


TripLingo elevates your expectations to another level. The application allows for real-time voice translation to your selected language. The process is also straightforward. You must choose your destination first to download your language pack.

More than 100 countries are available in TripLingo, so you’ll have a lot of options.

Once your destination is locked in, a voice assistant and translator will aid you in conversing with locals of the country you’re visiting.

If you want to call home or anywhere overseas, TripLingo offers a Wi-Fi dialer that would be helpful because of the very high fees that network providers impose on their subscribers. Aside from these services, TripLingo has also enabled a useful section for travelers to know proper etiquettes and rules of a specific country they are visiting.

Mobile phone translators are essential for travelers that aren’t multilingual. Aside from translating, several applications offer more service for that would be helpful when traveling.

We hope that these three translating applications would make your traveling life a lot easier. Each of them has their own indicated advantages that would be suitable for individual travelers.


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