4 Ways to Prevent Airsickness for Travelers

airsickness while in flightAirsickness is a type of motion sickness that might occur to anyone while on a flight. While some people are almost immune to it, there are some that get this phenomenon every single time they take a trip. For those who are experiencing this often, there’s a ton of available options and remedies for you to avoid getting airsick.


Avoid eating too much before departing


A lot of websites recommend flying with an empty stomach, but, in reality, it isn’t the solution to combat air and motion sickness. In fact, an empty stomach might just upset it and therefore can cause airsickness. We highly recommend eating a very light meal, and not too much, as it is proven to worsen the effects you can get from motion sickness. Observe proper diet like eating green and leafy vegetables, fruits, and even cereals would do.


Pick the right seat


You can obviously plan this one out ahead since a lot of airlines are letting people select their seats while booking. We highly recommend picking a seat that would get you close to a window. Having to see the horizon might help with your motion sickness, and also, it would be a memorable experience to see a pleasant view.


Pack some gums and practice breathing


The benefits of chewing a pack of gum while on a flight are underrated. Always remember to have some packs of gums while traveling, even not an aerial one. It would also help if you picked a soothing and more aromatic flavor or variant such as mint, or something even cooler. This way, you can trick your digestion and your stomach which would be helpful when it comes to preventing air sickness.


Breathing is also an important aspect and shouldn’t be forgotten at all. You might want to take slow and steady breathing to control and ease yourself.


Intake medications


There are widely available drugstores and pharmacies that sell effective medications for people who experience motion sickness often. Take note that some of them are only for one-time usage so you may have to intake medications every time you travel and would experience motion sickness.


We recommend buying in bulk, especially if you know you experience it frequently in order to save money and even time.


There are more things you can do to prevent yourself from experiencing airsickness, but we believe that these are the perfect ones to follow. While on a flight, always remember that you can also ask assistance from flight crews, and they are more than willing to assist you with their troubles.


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