6 Benefits of Cross-Stitching You May Not Know Of

Cross-stitching is an old school craft that’ll likely come across to you as outdated during this digital era. Nevertheless, people who still do cross-stitching can attest to the fact that being old fashioned when it comes to taking on a hobby has its perks, too.

Read on to find out why cross-stitching is a hobby that’s a must try for you to learn:

  1. Promotes mindfulness

Mindfulness refers to the investment of concentration on the here and now, without thinking about the future, nor overthinking. You have to invest 100 percent concentration when you’re cross stitching. In order to do this hobby right, you have to focus on following the pattern’s sewing patterns when stitching.

So, when you’re cross-stitching, your mind’s presence is in the here and now of complying with the need to follow the pattern’s figures and designs when you sew. Thinking about other things can get you distracted when doing this hobby. That’s because following the pattern as you sew is a complex task, considering each of the stitching symbols in it are very tiny. When you cross stitch, you don’t need to think hard, but, only focus your thought on judiciously following the sewing patterns on the stitching pattern.

  1. Relieves stress

Mindfulness and meditating are means to relieve yourself off stress. With this said, it makes sense to say that cross-stitching aids in alleviating stress. Looking at yourself accomplish the beauty of stitched images makes you feel better or joyful doing cross stitching when you’re stressed due to loneliness and exhaustion. Down the road, you feel proud of yourself for having completed a complex, but, beautiful cross stitch project despite having felt down and burnt out.

  1. Brings out creativity

Doing cross stitching doesn’t mean it’s best when you necessarily stick by the designs, images, and patterns you have in doing your project. You’re at your liberty to create and design your own pattern to utilize as a guide for cross stitching.

If you don’t have the skill to design your own cross stitch pattern, you may want to attend a short course or a workshop in which you can learn how to create one. There are many short online classes that teach such a skill that only cost affordable fees. You just need to flex your research skills so you can find these courses online, and, in turn, enroll in them.

  1. Colorful projects

Cross stitching projects normally comprise of colorful sewing work that are attractively aesthetic. You get emotionally healed while staring at colorful images. Simultaneously, you become proud of yourself for having had the creativeness to create colorful art works.


Remember, there are many video tutorials you can view for free if you get stuck somewhere while creating a colorful cross stich project. You can even drop by a cross stitch shop to ask questions if you encounter an issue in completing your cross-stitch project! If staff members of the store aren’t that busy, they’re usually available to answer your questions and teach you the basics of the craft work.

  1. Excellent personal gifts

Nothing makes your loved ones feel more special than when you gift them with memorabilia that you’ve created, custom made. You make your loved ones feel special by putting in hard work and effort in creating something memorable that’ll last for a lifetime to give them for gifts on special and any other occasions. You can even choose the message to sew on your cross stitch project that’ll be memorable for your loved ones.

  1. Keeps you away from the TV and gadgets

Cross stitching is a fun hobby that’ll keep your eyes from getting exposed to the harmful rays of gadgets and television. Cross stitching is a hobby that’s a good alternative to keep you busy while your eyes are taking a break from utilizing gadgets.

Being idle can cause you to be unproductive if you don’t make good use of the free time you have. If you’ve never tried cross stitching before, you may want to keep yourself productive by getting into this hobby to keep you away from bad habits.


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