A Preview of the Events that are Set to Happen in 2023: Take a Look

As we have just ushered in the new year, many events are set to happen in 2023 that may both be joyful, sorrowful, and bittersweet, as well. Let’s take a look at these events, starting within the week of January 16-23, up until 2023 progresses:

January 16 to 23

Davos World Economic Forum

This forum is set to gather world leaders coming from the government, business, and civil sectors of the society. The leaders are scheduled to tackle the various conditions of the global sectors and brainstorm the effective application of the priorities for this year.

End of January (estimated; to be announced)

United States secretary of state, Antony Blinken, has an initial plan to visit China during or sometime on the end of January. The exact date is yet to be announced. Blinken’s visit to China paves the way for bilateral talks for the conception of policies and programs that benefit both the United States and China.

February 1 to 28

The world celebrates LBTQ + historical month, and, hence, what makes the associated community members stand out in society and be unique.

February 5

The Grammy awards happen on this day in Los Angeles, after having held in Las Vegas last year.

March 8

The global communities celebrate the presence of and significance of women from all over the world, as the International Women’s Day is celebrated today.

March 12

The best of the motion picture and film industries is celebrated and honored on this day, as the Oscar awards ceremony is held on March 12 in Los Angeles.

April 23

Earth Day

We are reminded to preserve and cherish mother earth on this day, as we celebrate the usefulness and value of our natural environment this earth day of 2023.

April (date to be announced)

It’s predicted that India’s population will set to exceed over that of China’s at some point in time in April 2023.

May 3

May 3 is World Press Freedom Day. Journalists and broadcasters from all over the world celebrate the liberation of being able to express their opinions, and insights openly, without having to fear of being silenced, nor being penalized for openly expressing such sentiments to the public.

May 4

The United Kingdom elects its local officials. The country decides who would better off run the national policies nationwide.

May 6

Britain celebrates the coronation of King Charles.

May 19 to 21

The G7 summit takes place at some point within these dates in Japan. The leading developed countries’ leaders gather in this meeting to discuss international issues, challenges, and goals that the world faces. The aim of these discussions is to for the betterment of humanity and for the enhancement of the overall environmental issues the earth faces today.

May 18 to 21

Golf fanatics can look forward to a round of games and competitions that their favorite golfers participate in when the US PGA golf season takes place.

May (to be announced)

A potential coronavirus international panel hearing may be expected at some point in time this month. In this hearing, it’s possible that over 200 scientists are to provide proofs of the viability of the response of the United Kingdom government officials and health care workers on the widespread pandemic symptoms community members’ experience.

June 18

The Turkish people pick their next president. Any candidate who will win the election is expected to make a difference in the lives of many Turkish people, as new policies and laws conceived and enforced rule over the quality and phase of Turkish people’s daily lives.

June 21-25

See your favorite international artists as they perform in action in the Glastonbury music festival in England. Check on the festival’s website to get updates on the performers, ticket prices, and show schedules.



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