A Worthy Step-by-Step Guide on How to Start a Lifestyle Blog for 2022

Sharing a lifestyle blog is one way of letting others get to know your passion and interests. In turn, starting a lifestyle blog is a means for your audiences to get to know your real personality, as well.

Just like other bloggers, you may have different reasons as to why you’ll want to start a lifestyle blog. You may be a blogger who shares a lifestyle blog to acquire online presence popularity. Or, you may be a person who shares a blog to teach a knowledge or expertise to others.

Whatever your reason is for starting a lifestyle blog, it’s essential you go through a procedure in creating one. A procedure in creating a lifestyle blog ensures an organized, and, thus, more likely, effective, creation of a blog.

Step 1: Pick a topic for your write-op

It’s highly advisable that you only choose one niche or topic for your lifestyle blog. Usually, audiences become confused as they read your blog if you infuse more than one main topic in it. Once you decide on the main topic for your blog, you can create sub-topics or subjects to elaborate on a discussion for your blog.

If your goal of creating a lifestyle blog is to acquire loyal online audiences, avoid taking on a topic that has already been commonly discussed in other blogs. Choose a rare, but interesting topic to pique audiences’ interest.

Most blogs with topics that are educational or reflect those of the current social trends get the most attention from online audiences.

Step 2: Pick a blogging platform to post your blog on

Blogging platforms are available online both in free and paid versions. If you’re a beginning lifestyle blogger, you may want to use a free blogging platform, like WordPress, to save money on expenses. However, in the long run, you’re likely going to find that choosing to use this platform has its downsides.

Using a free blogging platform pushes you to get an unprofessional sounding domain name. Utilizing a free blogging platform compels you to have the host’s name attached to your blog’s domain name. Specifically, lifestyleblog.com sounds more professional, than lifestyleblog.blogspot.com.

Chances are, though, if you use a paid blogging platform, you get to have the option to get it customized in accordance to your liking, get to access many features, and earn from your blog.

Step 3: Choose a rare but interesting domain name

Ensure that your domain name is rare, yet, easy to spell, and to remember. Most of the time, the appeal of your blog site’s name determines the level of audience acquisition and retention. Choosing a domain name can be challenging and can consume a lot of time for doing so. To minimize complexity, it’s highly encouraged you try using a domain name generator tool to come up with ideas for such a name.

Adopting a .com domain name indicates that your blog’s site is internationally-based. An internationally-based website targets audiences from any part of the world. After having picked a domain name for your blog, register it with a domain registrar.

Step 4: Pick a hosting service

A top pick for hosting a blog is Bluehost. Bluehost is popularly known to have been hosting tons of millions of websites. Bluehost has built a reputation for being reliable, having outstanding customer service, and being easy to set up on your device.

Step 5: Do the designs for your lifestyle blog

You get to choose the main theme design from multiple options in WordPress. Ensure you pick the main design theme that’s compatible in all devices, including mobile gadgets. Such a compatibility makes it convenient for audiences to access your lifestyle blog. Choosing a simple design theme enables your blog to be easily downloaded online.

Crafting a positive sounding lifestyle blog is crucial. Your lifestyle blog takes the form of a personal written piece. With this said, it’s objective to say that this blog closely reflects the reputation you publicly emanate.


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