Acquaint Yourself with the Long-Kept Secrets of Dark Chocolate

When talking about cheap and affordable therapies, chocolate happens to be an excellent option. Mind you, this is what chocoholics say. Not everyone would say that he hates chocolate because there are some points in time when eating this stuff is hard to avoid. All around the world, about 86 percent are known as chocolate lovers. Are you one of them?

There are actually three different types of chocolate: milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate. Each person has his own preference and you are free to choose among these three major types. Sadly, many people would think that eating chocolate is an unhealthy habit that can contribute to the onset and proliferation of some common health issues like fever, coughs, colds, and cavities. Despite these beliefs, there is a handful of benefits that one can get from eating dark chocolate – benefits that will be unlocked and revealed to you today!

How is Dark Chocolate formed?

Dark chocolate is coined as such due to its natural contents which are cocoa butter and cocoa solids. Also known as bitter chocolate, dark chocolate does not contain added sweeteners. This unsweet characteristic makes it a not-so-favored type of chocolate. But as far as nutrient content is concerned, dark chocolate is packed with iron, zinc, minerals, and magnesium. The cocoa content of dark chocolate is also known to contain a certain type of antioxidant known as flavonoids which have plenty of benefits to offer.

Dark Chocolate: A healthy treat

Due to dark chocolate’s antioxidant and disease-fighting properties, it is known to be an excellent treat for persons with heart issues. Experts also declared that the consumption of dark chocolate can help in reducing high blood pressure.

Other benefits

According to health experts, eating the right amount of dark chocolate can help in promoting wellness and good health. These benefits include the following:

  • Healthy hair and scalp – Dark chocolate has zinc, iron, and copper that help in facilitating better nutrient transfer to the scalp thus, promoting healthier hair and scalp.
  • Healthy skin – Dark chocolate contains flavonoids that help prevent skin cancer and promote healthier skin while providing protection from harmful UV rays.
  • For acne – With high levels of antioxidants, dark chocolate can help in promoting healthier skin and prevent acne inflammation.
  • For menstrual periods – Because of the high level of magnesium and copper, this bitter chocolate can ease menstrual cramps. Magnesium is known to help in relaxing muscles and stop chemicals that prompt the cramping of the muscles.
  • For pregnant women – Consuming dark chocolate in a moderate manner can benefit a woman throughout her pregnancy. It improves blood pressure and helps avoid complications, promoting healthy blood flow to the mother and baby in the process.
  • For healthy eyesight – According to studies, eating dark chocolate can help improve better eyesight, allowing a person to have good visual contrast, and giving him the ability to recognize letters at varying contrasts. Dark chocolate has flavanols that boost the availability of essential nutrients and oxygen to the eye’s blood vessels, specifically to the highly vascularized retina.
  • For weight loss – Dark chocolate should be eaten thirty minutes after a meal.

The best time to consume Dark Chocolate

Even when there are various reasons to eat dark chocolate, eating this dark and bitter yet beneficial stuff is permissible anytime you want. You may want to eat some for your snack in between meals. According to a trusted source in the United States, a bar of dark chocolate (approximately 101 grams) that contains 70 to 80 percent cocoa solids is a superb source of a reasonable number of calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugar, iron, magnesium, and zinc.

So, have a healthy lifestyle with dark chocolate, starting today!


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