America Had Spoken: It’s a Donald Trump Win, What’s Next?

donaldtrumpThe votes are in and, to the surprise of many; it was a Donald Trump win over Hillary Clinton for the 2016 presidential bid in the United States of America. The Republican candidate Trump was unpopular for being a part-time clown, full-time sociopath, and seemingly ignorant. What brought him to victory, based on the exit polls, is getting much of the White votes from those without college degrees.

The Party Support Shift

The previous cycle of voters that low-income earners leaned towards the Democratic candidate, and the higher ups are for the Republican candidate was shattered with the fact that voters without college degrees decided to go for Trump. This is seen as the enormous switch, making all the difference.

During the campaign period, the support of the minorities was overwhelming for Clinton. But, when the votes were cast, those that came from the Hispanics, the African-Americans, and the Asian-Americans were not as significant as outgoing President Barrack Obama got during the last elections.

All of those brought the unpopular choice Trump to victory. Now, the burning question is what’s next for the US and the rest of the world?

America will be great again

As the 45th president of the United States, Trump has reiterated countless times that he will honor the pledge that was stitched into his baseball caps, uttering ‘Make America Great Again’.

President Trump also made a promise that he will have a very busy first day at the seat of his office, erasing traces of Obama’s reign and moving America forward to a nativist, protectionist track. At this point, everyone is in a wait-and-see mode until the new president actually steps into what will be his office for the next four years.

Protests are rolling in

Although the contest has long been won, with Trump getting 279 and Clinton with just 228, anti-Trump campaigns are continuously rolling in, coming from different states. The loudest roars are heard from the streets of New York City and Chicago were thousands of rallyists marched, chanting “Not my president”. A group of New York protesters also burned US flags as they reached the Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan.

In predominantly Democratic Washington, DC, a gathering in the White House bellied support for immigrants and a distaste for the newly elected president, who made prominent remarks about closing in the US borders to keep undocumented immigrants out.

Whether Trump’s win will actually make true to the promise of uniting the people of all states or dividing them remains to be seen. For now, the US and the rest of the world would simply have to live with the fact that America has a new president and it’s President Donald J. Trump.



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