Asia Travel Hotspots You Must Visit this 2020

Asia destinationsWhile it is common for people to travel nowadays, it is still a struggle to decide where to travel to. There are so many places around the world, and filtering them out through each continent would definitely be a helpful resource for anyone who loves traveling. In this article, we would be focusing on the gems and hotspots that can be found across Asia, places that are worth traveling too, and places that you won’t forget.


Bali, Indonesia


Despite being in a tropical continent, Bali, Indonesia offers a unique and satisfying experience for people who hates summer, or simply just hot temperatures in general. Bali is rich when it comes to beaches and its welcoming shores is a very great place to have fun. Kuta Beach, in particular, is a beach you should visit when you enter Bali. Various beach activities also await those who would visit Bali. You won’t even remember about the accommodation prices as you can find dirt cheap hotels in the area while also offering high-class luxurious short-term accommodations.


Bali is a must-visit hotspot for anyone who wants to have a blast in beaches and outdoors.


Seoul, South Korea


South Korea’s rising popularity when it comes to its entertainment industry is quite notable and has served the country’s growth quite a lot. Seoul might be a really busy place but inside it, you’ll see a lot of things that are only exclusive to them. There are a lot of things to see and do here, and a must-try is their authentic Korean cuisine that is very hard to imitate.


By also visiting Seoul, you would have the opportunity to travel to different parts of South Korea without worrying about being lost that much since South Korea boasts a comprehensive and simple railroad system, perfect for travelers and first-timers.


Boracay Islands, Philippines


Boracay’s instagrammable view and often warm waters is a landmark you won’t forget. The Philippines offers a lot of white-sand beaches and other sea-oriented experiences, but there’s nothing like the white sands of Boracay. The amount of water activities you can do in this place is overwhelmingly good.


It’s also worth noting that the Philippines is having a stable climate all year, with frequent rains and thunderstorms, so you can easily visit Boracay any time of the year. You shouldn’t also be worried about your budget that much because everything here is priced reasonably.


Perhaps we have shown you something new that might be helpful to your travel goals and other agendas. Asia is very rich with natural landmarks and tourist spots that any traveler should definitely visit, at least at once and you’re lucky we have revealed some of those in this article.



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