Australia Aims to Remove the British Ruler From Its Paper Bills

The central bank of Australia said last Thursday that the country’s new five-dollar bill will now have a new face. The said ‘face’ now features a distinct and indigenous design, replacing the former image of United Kingdom’s King Charles III. However, it was clearly stated that the face or image of the king still remains to be seen on coins. This is especially true to those coins that still have the image of the late Queen Elizabeth. It can be noted that the five-dollar bill is the only remaining bank note of Australia that still carries the image of a British monarch.

The removal of the King’s image on the five-dollar bill wasn’t decided in an abrupt manner. Instead, this issue was first thoroughly consulted with the government of the Labor Party. After the consultation, the government then supported the proposed change. However, it can’t be denied that the opponent party made the conclusion that the said move was politically motivated.

The monarch of the United Kingdom still remains as the head state of Australia. Although it can be noted that during these days, the role of the monarch to the country is hugely symbolic. There are many countries of the world that have become British colonies. Prior to this, many of these former colonies are still arguing and debating as to what degree they should observe and follow constitutional ties to the United Kingdom. This, like others, is also the current stand of Australia.

The Reserve Bank of Australia said that the brand new five-dollar bill would come with a unique feature and design as a replacement for the queen’s portrait who perished last year. The bank administration also added that the said shift is going to be made to render honor to the first Australians’ history and culture. Looking on the other side of the paper bill, one would still see the parliament of Australia. Jim Chalmers, Australian government treasurer said that the so-called change was an excellent opportunity to render a good and proper balance.

Chalmers also said that the British monarch can still be seen on the faces of Australian coins. However, the five-dollar bill is something that will tell everyone more about the country’s history, heritage, and Australia as a whole. With that being said, Chalmers believes and perceives this move as something good.

On the other hand, Peter Dutton, the leader of the Opposition, pointed out that the said move or change is like changing the day of the year when Australia Day is celebrated. Dutton said that the majority won’t agree with many non-sense things that come out, but it is important that the voice of the masses online should be heard accordingly. He even added that Anthony Albanese, Australia’s prime minister was the mastermind to this decision, that the king’s image should not be seen on the bank note. As such, he also urges Albanese to confess or admit it.

It was remembered that when Albanese took his office last year, he immediately worked in the creation of a new position for deputy minister for the country. However, it can be noticed that his work and advocacies do not include making a referendum to intensify Australia’s constitutional ties with the United Kingdom. In short, this was not within his priorities.

When Queen Elizabeth II was still alive, there was this point in time when the image of the Queen herself can be seen on the faces of at least thirty-three different currencies from all over the world. Compared to all the other monarchs in the world, the British monarch has achieved the greatest number of presences on currencies and was also recognized by the Guinness World Records.


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