Australia to Experience More Frequent and Severe Drought

Australia drought People around the world should expect hotter days than before, and that Australia is one of the countries to experience it. In fact, drought is expected. This is because, as per researchers, people have failed to produce “meaningful action” to fight climate change.

In a recent study of a global group of around 11,000 scientists, it has been found that the world is facing a more severe climate change; and sadly, it’s on an emergency level. Based on 40 years of data gathered, it says the governments around the world are “failing” in addressing the said crisis. Thus, if we all fail to make a change fast, especially if tree loss is not given action, according to reports, people around the world should expect hotter summer days and colder winter days.

Australia is one of the first places in the world that is believed to experience this. In fact, it is expected that the land down under will experience more drought sooner or later.

This isn’t the first time that farmers in the land down under will experience drought, though. Sometime in 1895, the land down under witnessed its first biggest dry spell, the Federation Drought, which lasted up to 1902. There was also World War II Drought which started from 1937 and ended on 1945. The previous biggest dry spell that Australia experienced was between 1997 and 2009. Today, as per reports, farmers across the country have already been battling drought conditions for more than three years. As to when it will end, no one actually knows as droughts are tricky to measure. But experts say that this could go on further and is expected to also join the list of the biggest dry spell that the country has experienced.

In preparation for this environmental concern, reports say that Australia will offer its farmers and businesses, who will get hurt or affected by the drought, cheap loans to help them keep afloat during the drought. The Morrison Government is planning for a $500 million drought stimulus package and it is said to be looking to overhaul the regional Investment Corporation’s (IRC) funding rules.

The loan is expected to help farmers to feed, water, freight, and stock their businesses, or other things that might help keep their operations going. There are loans available for businesses that support or supply farmers in drought-stricken areas too. Aside from the farmers and businesses, the local councils in drought- affected regions will receive some budget as well.


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