Australian States Hit by Wild Weather

Bundaberg (

Queensland and New South Wales have been hammered by torrential rain and wild winds causing floods in cities and towns in low-lying areas.

The wild weather has also caused small tornadoes leaving damage to properties and crops. The powerful winds and floodwaters have left some areas with no power and without water.


The worst affected city in Queensland (QLD)  is Bundaberg with 2000 properties under water. Most of the residents were forced to evacuate and the situation has been considered as the worst flood in its history.

In Brisbane, the residents have been warned of the rising water level in its major waterways.  There is the danger that Brisbane River may overflow causing localised flooding and affecting around 5000 houses and business establishments.

While in Gold Coast, layers of foam or white froth from the ocean covered the beaches and some roads as a result of the wild weather.  It has also recorded 500 millimeters of rainfall in less than 24 hours.

Three people were reported killed in the flood crisis in Queensland. The cost of damage is still not known.

New South Wales

Meanwhile, people living along the coast of New South Wales (NSW) including Sydney have also been asked to prepare for the severe weather condition.  The wild weather from QLD is now moving towards NSW and warnings for heavy rain, destructive wind and abnormal high tides have been issued by the authorities.

Coffs Harbour (Photo:Frank Redward)

Some areas in the northern NSW are now under water and isolated.  Some residents have evacuated to safer grounds while thousands of homes have no electricity.

According to weather forecasters, Sydney is expected to experience150 millimeters of rainfall and wind speed of 100/km/h as the wild weather continues.

In Sydney Airport, flights to and from Queensland have been cancelled due to the strong winds and torrential rain.

Motorists have been asked to drive safely and avoid flooded roads.  The NSW State Emergency Service is in full alert in assisting affected residents.

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