Avalanche in Mount Manaslu Kills Mountaineers

Mount Manaslu base camp (AFP/Simrik Air)

At least 11 mountaineers lost their lives while  others are still missing when a devastating avalanche hit down the slope of Mount Manaslu in Northern Nepal, early morning of Sunday, September 23, 2012.

The mountain climbers were fast asleep in their tents when the avalanche happened.

The large mass of snow, described to be the size of six to seven football fields, swept down and destroyed the tents in two camping zones causing deaths and injuries to people.


What is an avalanche?

An avalanche is a massive snow or ice flowing down a slope as a result of an earthquake, erosion or glacier movements. If the avalanche is powerful, it can cause destruction to life and property.

The avalanche is Manaslu was caused by glacier movement.

Interesting facts about Mount Manaslu

  • name means “Mountain of the Spirit”
  • considered to be the world’s eighth highest mountain peak (26,780 feet)
  • known to be the “Killer Mountain” because of recorded number of  deaths since 1956
  • summit was first conquered in 2006 after it was opened to tourists in 1991
  • cost of expedition is half the price of Everest ($18,000 per person)
  • mountain climbing season is from September to November
  • statistics show that the mountain attracts thousands of foreign climbers yearly

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