Tornadoes Rip Midwest and Southern States

2 March 2012 –   Tornadoes and thunderstorms ripped through the Midwest and South leaving 39 people killed and buildings destroyed.  Residents described the damage in one of the towns as the worst they’ve seen and even compared it to a “war zone”. The hard hit areas were in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Alabama and Georgia.

According to authorities, the tornado outbreak started on Friday with string of violent storms and series of twisters from Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes. In some towns, the people experienced strong winds and golf-sized hail. The devastating storms lasted for two days and caused destruction to homes, power lines, buildings and infrastructure.  Roads were impassable due to the scattered debris and fallen trees.

Around 17 million people were affected by the disaster with countless of them left homeless. Aside from deaths, there were scores of injuries with some people suffering from trauma. Rebuilding the devastated communities may take a while but residents have shown their resiliency.

US President Obama offered his condolences and also promised federal assistance if required.

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