Why is Japan’s Population Shrinking

The world felt a sudden thunderclap when one part of the globe’s leading industrialised country unveils a sad truth that will change the future of the nation.

Japan may seem to be a tranquil population not until it was revealed that there was a sudden decrease of inhabitants from 128 million down to 87 million. That is a shocking one-third slice of the country’s population. Statistics show that the nation’s  birthrate has been declining while the elderly population is accelerating.

Here are some reasons why Japan’s population is shrinking:

  • According to Tokyo’s recent headlines on population decline, seniors of age 65 or above may inflate twice to forty percent by 2060.  Around 23% of the population will be the elderly.
  • Life expectancy in Japan will still have an upward trend. Statistics show that in 2060 that Japanese men will reach the age of 84.19 years while women will be for 90.93 years.
  • Fertility rate will continue to go down.  Perception of both sexes to start a family is a lesser focus in Japan’s society.
  • The passion of Japanese youths for technology lessens their time to engage in serious relationship. The drastic rise in technological advancement delays the process of marriage.
  • Japanese sociologist assumed that young married men spend more time  on handy gadgets than to their partners. Sadly, this behavior leads to lesser improvement in the country’s birth ratio.

In conclusion, the bottom line stands out that Japan’s culture will remain as it is today. Though we want some significant changes to improve the country’s number, cultural standards and perception to modern society, the world would still want the best for the nation.

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