Did You Know? – A Gardening Club is a Pathway for Recovery for Addicts

The Lost Plot in Leeds is one of the leading and famed charitable groups. The group benefits from the support system it gets from the Guardian and Observer charity appeal.

A group of people had spent their days every Tuesdays during the year, in the afternoons, doing work on a plot of land. They plant vegetables, and construct a shed for a composting toilet, with the use of reclaimed materials. Construction of this project, though, wasn’t finished.

The group who worked on the land to make it fit for gardening is called The Lost Plot. They find meaning in life by caring for an allotment of land. This land is administered by the community garden charity called, Hyde Park Source. Hyde Park Source was initially established to aid in enhancing the limits of the local neighborhood. This neighborhood is now in the spotlight of the United Kingdom’s crisis in rising costs of living.

Community charities, and other similar projects are going to find it beneficial to utilize the privileges of the 2022-23 Guardian and Observer charity appeal. One of the projects that will utilize such a benefit is Hyde Park Source.

The Guardian and Observer charity appeal is being ran by two charity partners. These partners are Locality and Citizens Advice. To date, readers have already donated over 1, 206, 000 pounds which was in commencement until midnight of January 15.

A man named Steve has been a volunteer for six and a half years, after he was referred by an addiction organization. Steve shared that he suffered from depression and alcohol abuse, and felt very down and negative.

In the past, Steve worked at a distribution center for a soft drinks company. But his shifts in that job were long and isolated. So, it didn’t take long before he coped with such a problem by drinking. It didn’t take long before Steve lost his job and his home. Not too long afterwards, Steve’s parents both died consecutively, very close to each other.

The people at Hyde Park Source were able to save his life, though. He shared that if people have problems, they can always count on the group’s co-members to be there for their beloved brother or sister.

Leona Graham only commented that she had nothing but a resounding agreement to what Steve felt regarding the organization. Graham described the opportunity as a chance for drug abusers to be streamlined for the mainstream society, too.

Hyde Park Source runs or operates many platforms and gardens, and even, a rooftop, in Leeds. The place operates in collaboration with people from different backgrounds. These groups of people include individuals with worse mental health problems, children and other family members who live below the poverty line.

The urban area of Hyde Park ward has the greatest level of child poverty in Leeds. Likewise, it’s one of the poorest areas in the entire region of the United Kingdom. Hyde Park Source was established in 1998 when a couple of residents that lived in these houses got fed up with having insufficient green spaces. As such, these people have decided to transpire their bin yards into becoming gardens.

The concept spread, and many neighbors sought help with their own issues, and the establishment of the community group ensued. Presently, over 20 years afterward, the place has eight paid employees and 120 regular volunteers. Hundreds of adults and children participate in groups annually to take up courses or benefit from the charity, one way or another.

Grants cover 60 percent of the charity’s income stream; the remaining portion of the organization’s income stream comes from ongoing commercial projects. Examples of these projects are designing and building gardens.


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