Drinking Coffee: Good or Bad

Coffee has always been part of people’s lives even for the past years. A good conversation with a friend will never be complete without a cup of coffee. Business meetings will not end without sipping a cup of coffee as it warms our body removing the stress. However, drinking coffee has been the point of argument by several experts, concluding that coffee causes more harm than good for the body, while some argues that it’s actually beneficial for our overall health.

Where did Coffee Originate?

Based on the history, coffee has originated in the forest located in Ethiopia which is named “Kaffa” in which they’ve found its first plant. It all started when a herder named Kaldi observed how his goats are acting weird—playing around, running, and full of energy. He noticed how the behavior change took place on his goats as they eat the red berries from the bush nearby.

To his curiosity, he took the beans and eats it and it miraculously removed his fatigue and weaknesses. He took some for his wife and told her that she should eat it because it’s “heaven sent”.  But Kaldi’s wife told him to take the beans to the monks.

The monks cast it on fire and as the berries were roasted, the smoke coming from it intrigues the monks as it gives off a wonderful aroma that energizes the body. They then took the roasted berries in a jug of water and cover it to seal the so-called “divinity” of the “heaven-sent” berries.

There are many queries as to the where coffee originated from—some says that it actually first discovered in Arab country and so on.

What are the Different types of Coffee?

Coffee comes in different types like the “Instant coffee” (which we normally consume in our home nowadays), espresso (rich tasting, no-milk added), white coffee (with more milk added), and freeze-dried coffee which is considered as more expensive than the instant coffee due to its rich flavor. More and more, the coffee has evolved and has been added with several ingredients like in Italy, where Coffee latte (mixture of milk froth and coffee), mocha and so on have been created.

One of the most popular brands of coffee in the year 1886 is the name “Maxwell House” founded by the grocer named Joel Cheek. It is based in a hotel in TN where it is served to the customers.  It is in 1901 when “instant coffee” has been discovered by a Japanese American man from Chicago namely Satori Kato.

“Sanka” is another remarkable brand name in the coffee history since it is the first brand of decaffeinated coffee mixture. “Red E” is one brand that is the first who mass-produced “instant Coffee” so it becomes readily available to the public.

Now that coffee can be accessed anytime, the question now is not about how cheap or expensive it is—but how safe?

Here are the Pros and Cons in drinking coffee:

Why is drinking coffee GOOD?

  • Known to have Anti-oxidants. Due to its malanoidins and chlorogenic acid (antioxidants) content, it is considered as an effective anti-aging substance when consumed as it reduces the oxidation process, thus preventing aging of our cells.
  • Will Help Prevent Diabetes. Research suggests that continuous drinking of coffee will help prevent in developing type 2 Diabetes.
  • Prevent Liver Cirrhosis, kidney and gallstones. Believed to be an effective protector of kidneys and liver. Stones cannot form as well on kidneys since coffee can lead to increase in urine production.
  • Alleviates asthma symptoms. There’s link between coffee and theophylline which has been the traditional treatment for asthma.
  • Improves mental function. Coffee bears the reputation of being an effective stimulant. It alerts the mind and body, making a person focused and easy to absorb information.
  • Caffeine Considered Generally Safe. It has been approved by BFAD as safe to consume.

Why is drinking coffee bad?

  • Sleep Disturbances. Due to its stimulant effects, consuming coffee late in the afternoon or at night will lead to sleeping disturbances like insomnia.
  • Heart Diseases. Although others aren’t really clear about its effect to cardiovascular health, researches found out that it contains a substance that will alter the tone of the blood vessels, the heart rhythm as well as a contributory factor for leveling up of Bad cholesterol or LDL.
  • Hypertension. For most, drinking coffee isn’t a big deal for their blood pressure; however, it has been observed by experts that by drinking coffee, people will experience palpitations which can be connected to high blood pressure.
  • Easy Dehydration. When you drink coffee, there’s a greater tendency that you will get dehydrated since it acts as a diuretic, which increases urine production and thus, increases your urination frequency.

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