E. Jean Carroll to Seek Sample of Trump’s DNA for Defamation Suit

A controversial headline bombarded both national and international news. This headline pertains to E. Jean Carroll who is on her way to finding all possible means to acquire former US President Donald Trump’s DNA sample that she can use as a weapon in filing a defamation case against the president. In a report gathered by EPA, Carroll stated that she will “never settle” or stop the suit against Trump.

An attorney for women claims and stated in court on Tuesday.  that Trump raped Carroll sometime in the 1990s. In addition, Carroll’s party is not in any way finding a deposition or affirmation from Trump in relation to Carroll’s lawsuit against him. Instead, they reiterated that they just simply want Trump’s DNA sample.

Roberta Kaplan, an attorney who holds the case told Lewis Kaplan, the Judge of the Federal Court of Manhattan, that she and Carroll, who was a former columnist, are not interested to see and hear any of Trump’s sworn testimony. All they want is to push the lawsuit and let it boil through strict litigation in the trial court without any form of procrastination.

Kaplan and Carroll don’t want any deposition because according to them, this would definitely cause a great deal of inordinate delay. On the other hand, Alina Habba, the attorney in favor of Trump said that the decision of Kaplan to not wanting any deposition from the former president was somewhat surprising. And for the record, this was the very first-time Habba has heard of such demand from Kaplan’s party. Also, Habba also said that she is not even aware that the party of Kaplan requested a sample of Trump’s DNA.

As a response to Habba’s assertions, Kaplan said that the demand or request for Trump’s DNA sample was made on the day when Carroll had her first filing of a lawsuit against the former president in 2019 at the New York state court. This request has remained intact even after the suit was transferred to the United States federal court after a year.

During those times, Kaplan was very much confident about the integration of the said DNA request. She believed all along that concerned authorities would order the former president to come up with a sample on or before the discovery phase of the case.

  1. Jean Carroll filed a defamatory suit against Donald Trump because according to her, Trump made defamatory statements and disclosures about her. These statements were made by Trump after Carroll recounted in full detail what really happened and how Trump attacked and assaulted her. In a magazine story, Carroll detailed how the former president raped her inside one of Bergdorf Goodman’s department store dressing rooms. This, she recounted happened sometime in the middle part of 1990s.

Prior to this, Carroll has once again surfaced and come out into the open to tell everyone that she has no plan of turning back. This perfectly means that she would never ever settle the lawsuit that she filed against the former president of the United States. In short, she expects that this lawsuit will continue to push through and get the kind of justice she truly deserves.

In an interview, Carroll said that going forward to the end is something that entails and defines her principle as a person, more importantly as a woman. Her battle is about dealing with a powerful person who assaulted and raped a weak woman and simply got away and vanished in thin air. She also added that letting that person disappear and get away from what he has done is absolutely not right. Hence, she told reporters outside the court that she’ll never ever settle the lawsuit for Trump.


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