Global Warming Threat

We often think of global warming as something only found in books, magazines, and daily news. We don’t have any idea how close we are to a situation that’s hopelessly irreversible, and how far our earth has changed from bad to worse. This is due, perhaps, to our willful acts of negligence or ignorance to the constant warning against overdependence to fossil fuels, burning, and harmful propellants that perforate our protective barrier against solar heat.

But the threat of a global warming is indeed very real. We are now at the threshold of a full-blown crisis. Some studies projected that in the next five years, unless people will take action to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, 6 billion people will die as a result of global warming. The unusually hot temperatures, the gradual melting of our glaciers, and consequent rising of the sea level are just a few of the telltale signs that climate change is just at the doorstep.

About 40% of carbon dioxide that accumulates in the atmosphere come from electricity production, and a staggering 93% comes from burning coal. 33% comes from burning fossil fuels, but the percentage is expected to double due to the increased demand for more cars and automobiles.

Methane gases pose another threat to the situation. Increased demand for food due to overpopulation calls for a large scale production in livestock, thus increasing the amount of methane and carbon dioxide from animal waste. It could also come from an unlikely source, the Arctic seabed. Locked within the crystal ice structures is methane clathrate, which when melted escapes into the atmosphere, aggravating the situation.

Our trees act as nature’s air filters that purify our air. It’s our first line of defense against air pollution. It supplies us with our life support system, without which no life form will exist. Much of our forest were lost to industrialization. Skyscrapers, factories, highly industrialized complex occupy much of the land where most of our trees once stood. Our effort to restore nature’s balance through reforestation is far outpaced compared to the high volume of greenhouse gases we accumulate in the atmosphere. It won’t be long before our oxygen levels become too low and we end up breathing in more carbon dioxide than oxygen.

The effect of global warming is far too serious to be dismissed as a mere possibility. Unless we treat the problem seriously, or else find another planet suitable for life, human race won’t stand a chance against the consequences of global warming.

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One thought on “Global Warming Threat”

  1. Global warming is an actual phenomenon, but to say it is man made is the biggest load of garbage that has been spun by the fiscally elite!!
    It is nothing more then a means to charge extra taxes, for example carbon emission tax and congestion charges (traffic in UK). All you have to do is look at the pages of history and see that the earth goes through cyclic changes and has been for thousands of years. You don’t have to be a scientist to find this out or a historian, just the ability to read and think for yourself!! In the middle ages, approximately 1100AD through to 1350AD there was a hot patch much more warm then the average temperatures that planet earth are experiencing now. This era was known as the “Medievil Max.” There was also an extremely cold patch through the 1600’s AD known as the “Little Ice Age” which is again an example of the earth going through natural cycles. We did NOT have the amound of factories or inhabitants on earth during the medievil max so what are people going to blame for such an occurrence??
    Again, saying that what we are experiencing on earth with these so called ice cap melt downs and so forth is man made, just think why this psuedo science was born and who is really benefiting from this malarkey!! Is carbon a real killer of the earth’s atmosphere? No. Some food for thought, cows emit more pollutants from flatulence then cars do from their exhaust pipes!!

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