Epic Flooding Across Colorado

September 18, 2013 | Current Events, Natural Disasters

The recent epic flooding in Colorado left eight people killed, hundreds missing and close to 18,000 homes damaged.

This calamity has been recorded as among the worst in Colorado’s history.

On September 14, 2013, the people in the 15 counties across Colorado experienced the historic flooding which resulted in the US President Barack Obama’s signing of the declaration for Colorado as a major disaster area.

The massive evacuation still continues as authorities search for people who have been stranded and unable to return to their damaged homes.

The flash flooding which was caused by several days of heavy rains destroyed roads, bridges, train tracks and electrical infrastructure. Houses have been pushed by flood waters and left in shambles. Farms and towns have been submerged in water and small communities were cut off from each other.

In Boulder County, one of the affected counties, the devastation on its roads and bridges has been estimated to cost $150 million to repair.

According to Boulder Mayor Matthew Appelbaum,  “There is a huge amount of damage and a huge amount of repair and a huge amount of cleanup around town that people will be dealing with for a long time.”

The water from the deadly flood is expected to move into Nebraska and the residents  are now preparing for the possible overflow.

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