Exciting Theme Parks

Walt Disney Theme Park
Walt Disney Theme Park

Are you looking for fun and excitement? Well, the only place that can provide these things are theme parks. Theme parks are places where different types of rides can be found. The main purpose of theme parks is to provide entertainment to the people regardless of the age. Yes, there is no age requirement to enter the place.

Theme parks grew from pleasure gardens in Medieval Europe with games, rides, dancing, live entertainment and fireworks as recreation for people. Bakken which opened in the year 1583, is the oldest pleasure garden located in Klampenborg, northern part of Copenhagen, Denmark. It was in 1800s that the existence of theme parks began in the United States. It became more popular in 1893 the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago launched the midway and the ferris wheel. There is a misconception that a Theme Park is synonymous to Amusement Park. Theme Park is a district type of amusement park with buildings, landscaping and attractions according to a specific theme.

It earned its popularity more than what had been expected. It does not only provide entertainment but is educational as well. There are various theme parks around the world. Some of these are:

  1. Magic Kingdom Park: This theme park is considered as the heart of Walt Disney World because many people are visiting the place. They love to see the Disney characters wandering around the place and the Space Mountain rides.
  2. Island of Adventure: This is composed of five islands with ancient legends and myths as the theme. The islands are organized around a lagoon.
  3. Epcot: Epcot, an international culture and technological innovation fanatical is situated in the Walt Disney World Resort.
  4. Europa Park: One of the most famous theme parks in Europe, probably the second, is found in Germany. It is divided into fourteen different regions each named after European countries.
  5. Ocean Park: Ocean Park in Hongkong has marine as its theme. All divisions of the park are linked through a cable car system or gondola lift system. It has an aquarium with 2000 different fishes, a Giant panda show, shark aquarium,  and a jelly fish aquarium.

For the reason that theme parks can easily get attention from so many people, several businessmen got interested at making their own. There are newly build theme parks around the world.

1.      Busch Gardens Tampa Bay: Sesame Street themed located in Tampa Bay, Florida

2.      Calypso Waterpark in Limoges, Ontario: It features a 50, 000 square-foot wave pool and 35 waterslides.

3.      Harry Potter Theme Park: Found at Universal Studios in Orlando San Francisco.



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