Fifteen Facts You Should Know About Garnet

Each month of the year has its own birthstone and for the month of January, garnet happens to be its gemstone. Aside from the fact that garnet is extremely beautiful, this gemstone also comes in various colors. However, you must know that red is the most common color of this special type of stone. This stone was first discovered in Central Europe during the 15th century and has continued to keep its position in history. For countless years, this stone is often seen in jewelry stores and shops that sell decorative accessories.

The big question is this: why garnet was named the birthstone of January? Whether or not you are someone who was born in the month of January, it will be cool and interesting to learn some interesting facts about garnet. Here are some of these facts that you may not know yet:

  1. The name ‘garnet’ was derived from the Latin word “granatus” or pomegranate. This is due to the fact that garnet has a color that’s similar to the fruit. Moreover, the size and formation of the stone are also similar to the fruit.
  2. Garnet speaks of a gemstone family with a crystal structure and mineral formations. The stone actually comes with a special pigment that actually forms the stone’s color, making it the most notable characteristic of garnet.
  3. While red is the most common color of garnet stones, it is also interesting to note that they also come in various colors which include purple, yellow, orange, green, and pink.
  4. In the ancient periods, all red gemstones including garnet were called “carbuncle.” It is said that God gave four gemstones to Solomon and the carbuncle is one of them.
  5. Anyone who wears a garnet is believed to receive good health, happiness, and wealth. Thus, many people throughout history used garnet to invite positive vibes, good health, and fortune into their lives.
  6. From the time of the Bronze Age, garnet has been used as a jewelry piece.
  7. During the Middle Ages, noblemen and clergymen gave high regard and importance to garnet. Also, it was believed that this stone has the power to soothe and ease a mad and angry heart.
  8. Indians believed that garnet has the ability to counter negative feelings. It’s a stone that provides the wearer with a great sense of confidence, mental clarity, as well as creative and healthy thoughts.
  9. Garnets are characterized by an Isometric crystal property which is often present in metamorphic rocks which were altered by heat and pressure.
  10. A necklace made of garnet was found in a tomb in Egypt and is known to be more than five thousand years old.
  11. The hardness of a stone can be rated 1 to 10 using the Moh’s Scale. Garnet’s rates are somewhere between 6.5 to 7.5. Garnets are strong and hard but not as hard as diamonds.
  12. Garnets can be damaged if worn every day. So, garnets are not often used to make rings but are common in making pendants, earrings, and brooches.
  13. Garnets can be found in many parts of the world. But during the Victorian era, garnets widely came from Bohemia and Central Europe.
  14. Presently, garnets abound in many colors and are usually mined in Iran, Brazil, Pakistan, Africa, and more.
  15. A color-changing garnet is a very rare type of garnet that has the ability to change its colors under varying lights due to its pyrope and spessartite compositions.

Whether you are born in January or not, wearing this historically essential stone may not give you good health and fortune but happiness as well.



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