Flood in QLD Australia

On December 29, 2010, half of Queensland has been declared a disaster zone due to major flooding  across the southern and central parts of the state.  Homes and businesses have been threatened by the heavy rain and rising floodwaters.  Around 300 residents from the town of Theodore were evacuated.  The residents of other two major cities – Rockhampton and Emerald, were also warned of  possible flooding due to heavy rain and overflowing of river systems.

In the town of Dalby, the water treatment plant was damaged and may lead to shortage of drinking water for 400 homes.

For the past 50 years, this flood was described as the worst due to the damages it created .   The areas affected by the flooding  produce cotton, sugar and coal. As a result of the floods, the crops and farmlands were damaged and production of coal was greatly hit. The land and air transport systems  as well as the movement of people and goods have been very difficult.

Described as “particularly devastating” deluge, a public appeal  for relief funds was launched by the Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard to provide assistance to the affected communities.

On the otherhand, the economists estimated the potential cost of the agricultural and mining loses to around seven billion US dollars.

Read the latest news and videos about the Brisbane Flood here: https://journalweek.com/the-brisbane-flood/



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