“Frankenstorm” Sandy Hits US East Coast

Pier in Atlantic City (Photo: cnn.com)

About 60 million people in the United States East Coast will be affected by  “Frankenstorm”  Sandy as it continues to make its landfall in New Jersey today.  Several states have already declared emergencies and all business establishments, schools and transport services are suspended.

The hurricane is so powerful that it can bring catastrophe to the highly populated areas of the country.

Heavy rains, strong wind, flooding and snowstorms are the life threatening devastation that Hurricane Sandy may bring.  As soon as the announcements were made about the approaching storm, establishments started to shut down and residents of low-lying areas in Washington, Boston and New York began their mass evacuation.

The National Hurricane Center issued an advisory that the storms’ eye will be 485 miles South of New York city with a wind of 75mph. The wind will be stronger when the hurricane will have its landfall.

The preparation started on Sunday night, October 28, 2012.  This has resulted in the suspension of classes on Monday for students in the districts of Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Boston while government offices in Washington and in New Jersey have also been closed.  In New York, the train, buses, flights and other services were cancelled.  The campaigns for presidential elections were called off due to the fearful storm.

“This is a serious and big storm.”  President Obama said while instructing Government’s Storm Response Center in Washington.  He also ordered the agency to respond big and respond fast. The president warned the citizens to take Hurricane Sandy as a serious matter.

Warnings on powerful winds and flooding in hundreds of places were issued as early as Saturday.  A storm surge is also expected because of the full moon which will cause higher tides in coastal area.

Hurricane is an intense tropical weather with thunderstorms that circulates in surface with a maximum wind of 74 mph or more.

Hurricane Sandy will be the largest storm that will hit the United States in record. It also caused devastation in the Caribbean and Haiti leaving more than 100 people dead due to floods and mudslides.

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